Self-titled album available Tuesday, February 3 on CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify and other online download and streaming outlets 


Dank, formerly Dank Sinatra, has announced the release of a new self-titled album that will be available on Tuesday, February 3 via CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify and other online download and streaming outlets. In support of the new album, Dank will embark on a winter tour of the Southeast US kicking off January 23 in Georgia.

Dank (the album), is concrete evidence of this Atlanta five-piece’s ability to put together an album that rewards both the close listening enthusiast and the quick trip YouTube-ist. With feet firmly on the ground in clever hooks and melodies, along with an interstellar spin wrought by Producer Scott Nicholas, Dank is an album written over the last year by a band in between cities. The resulting work exhibits growth and movement, roots being lifted from their foundations, and a feverous excitement towards a future unknown. Songs like the album opener “Crash the Door” mark a conscious stylistic effort by the band to claim new ground in the stale world of modern rock, and to stake their claim as ambassadors to a modern era of rock and roll music. Space age synth leads and effects, southern rock craftsmanship, scorching dual guitar leads, and experimental transitions and song structure are the name of the game here. As their most focused effort yet, Dank provides the listener with a complete experience and an invitation to follow along for the journey to come.

Dank Track List:
1.     Crash the Door                   3:54
2.     Nobody Home                     3:55
3.     Gold Blues                          4:36
4.     Last Night                           4:52
5.     80’s Dude                           4:34
6.     Howl                                  6:06
7.     Quarter                              1:36
8.     Pieces                                 4:11
9.     Magazine                            2:11
10.   Morphine                             4:02

Produced by Scott Nicholas and Dank
Released Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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Download http://bit.ly/self-titled
Stream http://bit.ly/1xLB82P
Watch “Gold Blues” http://youtu.be/Mlq_kkmbK7g

Winter Tour Dates:
January 23 – Milledgeville, GA | Amici
January 24 – Macon, GA | The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom
January 29 – Knoxville, TN | Preservation Pub
January 30 – Asheville, NC |The One Stop
February 4 – Chattanooga, TN | Rhythm & Brews
February 5 – Nashville, TN |12th & Porter
February 6 – Memphis, TN | Hi-Tone
February 7 – Tupelo, MS | Blue Canoe
February 9 – New Orleans, LA | The Den at The Howlin Wolf
February 11 – New Orleans, LA | The Prytania Bar
February 12 – Baton Rouge, LA | Chelsea’s Café
February 13 – Oxford, MS | Proud Larry’s
February 14 – Auburn, AL | Moe’s
February 20 – Winston-Salem, NC | Bull’s Tavern
February 21 -Charlotte, NC | Visulite Theatre
February 27 – Charleston, SC | The Pourhouse

Biography: Dank, formerly Dank Sinatra, is the next installment in what is a long and storied history of Rock and Roll music. Combining rhythm and blues tradition with a modern sense of urgency and experimentation, Dank is pulling Rock music into the 21st century as it was meant to be heard and experienced. With energetic and unpredictable live performances, as well as a knack for the studio and all of its wizardry, this Atlanta five-piece is showing fans what it takes to rock in the torrid seas of a post-Napster musical climate. It’s hard to pin down exactly what the Dank will become, or how far the band has come to get to where it is today, but at the core of this outfit is a red hot soul and a burning sense of modern day Rock and Roll magic. Dank will release their new self-titled album on Tuesday, February 3rd.

Online Resources:
Twitter + Instagram: @CranktheDank


Press Release from Brotherly Love Productions, Destiny Spang

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Sounds and Sensations of the New Year: Papadosio and Dopapod at the Trocadero


            On Sunday December 30, 2012, The Trocadero hosted the fourth night of the Deathwaltz Media Group’s New Years Eve run, “When the Music’s Over”.  This night, featuring two of the most influential modern, live electronica bands, Papadosio and Dopapod, was the opening night of what Philadelphia might consider its musical New Years Party.  The following night at the Trocadero included performances by Brothers Past and The Heavy Pets.  The crowd was loving, and full of artists and energy; waves of dancing sifted through the audience as painters translated the live music onto their canvasses.  Papadosio and Dopapod’s musical sets were separated by performances from artist Futexture and DJ and drummer duo, Horizon Wireless.

            The Trocadero was the perfect venue to host this momentous event, with its exceptional acoustics and historical character. 
Since it’s opening in 1870 as the Arch Street Opera house, the Trocadero has progressed though Philadelphian history first as a burlesque hall in the1950s, then an art house cinema and fine arts theatre in the late 1970s, then a dance club in the 1980s and finally into the notorious concert hall and live music venue it is today.  The Trocadero is listed on the U.S. Register of Historical Places and due to its immaculate upkeep has become the only 19th century Victorian theater still operating in the United States.

            Dopapod is an experimental synthesizer based live electronic band that came onto the scene in 2009 with their first album, Radar.  The band consists of Eli Winderman on the keyboards, Neal “Fro” Evans on the drums, Rob Campa on the guitar, and Chuck Jones on the bass.  The quartet has been quite busy over the past three years touring nationally and averaging over 150 concerts per year.  This nascent group frequently performs at festivals, including Rootwire, Gathering of the Vibes, Bonaroo, Mountain Jam, Burning Man, Bear Creek, The Big Up, Camp Bisco, Catskill Chill, and many more.  The fans of Dopapod are loyal to say the least, often following the band from state to state to partake in their live eclectic music improvisational dance parties.

Image            The band recently came out with their newest album, Redivider (released on December 21, 2012), which they recorded in Pomfret, Connecticut on a solar powered farm.  The unique sound on this album can be attributed to their method of recording, which was done by bringing their own equipment into the barn, rather than recording in the typical studio.  This album is also unlike their previous releases of Radar in August 2009, I Saw Live Dopapod Evil was I in August 2011, and Drawn Onward in December 2011, due to the added layer of vocals.  The vocals on Redivider were laid in an intricate and cohesive manner, which helped to further texture this band’s already multidimensional sound.


            On this epic chilly night in December, Dopapod took the stage by storm and enthused the audience for about an hour and a half  with its flowing instrumentals and funky, energetic breakdowns.  They started off with their set intro – a very mellow instrumental – and then maintained the same ambience as they flowed into their first song “Nuggy Jawson” from their album Drawn Onward where the tempo grew into a more upbeat groove.  Next, they played “Trapper Keeper”, which they announced was from their new album, Redivider, which is now available for download on their website www.dopapod.com.  This song is one of my personal favorites, as it exemplifies Dopapod’s ability to successfully infuse vocals into their unique style of sound.  The audience sang along and broke out into a full-fledged dance party that continued for the next fourteen minutes.  The band followed up with” STADA” another song off of their new album.  The use of the organ and synthesizer gives this instrumental a cosmic feel.  Then came another instrumental from their album Drawn Onward.  Dopapod picked up the pace with one of their harder rock jams that included vocals that were written on the road during their recent fall tour, “Psycho Nature”.  This was pursued by the groovy instrumental “Bubblebrain” from Redivider, along with another harder song that incorporated vocals from the same album named “Braindead”.  They concluded their live set (which is available online) with “FABA”, a syncopated groove that the whole crowd could boogie to, but only after thanking Philadelphia and inviting everyone to their next performance in the this fine city, at the Blockley.  Luke Stratton did a phenomenal job with the band’s sound and lighting.  Dopapod is definitely making its way into the live electronic frontier with a fearlessly unique sound.

            Although Papadosio was the last band to take the stage, they were nevertheless able to impart their mini universe upon the crowd before leaving.  One could not even describe their set as simply a musical concert, as the addition of their graphic art and light show made it a multifaceted sensual experience.  On this tour, Papadosio is promoting their newest album called T.E.T.I.O.S. or “To End the Illusion of Separation”, which was released on October 16, 2012 by Rootwire Records.  Papadosio’s sound is one of a kind, incorporating progressive rock, folk, groove, with large periods of harmonic improvisation and an electronic undertone.  This is a perfect melody providing a message for the modern, live electronic dance era.


            Papadosio originated in the creative city of Athens, Ohio and has currently moved their hometown to the artistically inspirational city of Ashville, North Carolina. This brilliant collaboration of musicians consists of Tony Thogmartin on the guitar, samples, synthesizer and vocals, Billy Brouse on the keyboard, synthesizer and vocals, Sam Brouse on the keyboard, Michael Healy on the acoustic/electronic drums, and Rob McConnell on the bass guitar and vocals.  Papadosio’s music challenges the pre-established notions of specific music genres while creating a conscious and mind opening composition that inspires audiences everywhere to get on their feet and groove.

            The band’s music encourages fans to stir the world, fuel the heart and feed the mind.  They achieve this through their extraordinary improvisation and their incomparable harmony.  T.E.T.I.O.S. is their fourth album and is unique in that each song has a representational piece of artwork attached to it in order to help spread the musicians underlying message.  Papadosio has grown as a band of musicians and philosophers since their appearance at City Bisco in Philadelphia on October 6, 2012.


            The air was full of anticipation as the crowd waited for Papadosio to take the stage.  You could tell how much the band enjoyed playing for their fans as they sauntered on stage with big grins spreading across their faces in reaction to the enthusiastic crowd.  They opened up their set with “Cue”, from their new album T.E.T.I.O.S., that has a very natural and uplifting sound; infusing vocals while showcasing the organ.  As do most songs on T.E.T.I.O.S., this song sends a message, explaining how we as humans need to take responsibility for the effects our existence has on nature and how we must take it in our own hands to do something to help heal the world.  The next song they played, “Right Now”, also stems from their newest album T.E.T.I.O.S., has a faster pace than the first, and utilizes more synthesizer.  Papadosio sings, telling the audience that “right now, so far, it’s written in the stars for you.”  This was followed up with a third song from T.E.T.I.O.S. which was a perfect starting line-up for their T.E.T.I.O.S. tour; clearly showcasing their phenomenal album.  “The Bionic Man Meets his Past” is an instrumental that emphasizes Michael Healy’s talent as a drummer.  “Cloud found”, another song with vocals played, preceded by a Radiohead cover of “Subterranean Homesick Alien” a beautiful song with their own spin to it.  Another intricately synthesized song with striking vocals was play from T.E.T.I.O.S. titled “The Oracle Theme”.  Tony Thogmartin then takes the vocal lead in  “The Sum” a very groovy song from their T.E.T.I.O.S. album that asks the listener, “Why are you where you are?  Who put you there?  Have you ever wondered why?  Have you tried to care?”  In essence, this song is asking us how we feel about ourselves, we are “her best idea, “the dream of the earth,” so what do we believe is the sum of our own worth?

            Papadosio then took us back to a song from their album Magreenery, “Utopiate” which has a funky syncopated beat incorporated in its distinctive instrumental.  The next song they played is from their album Observations, and is one of my personal favorites, “How Not to Float”.  This song incorporates such harmony that is exemplified by all the band members, declaring, “You’ve got the answer to how to float.”  They followed with “Magreenery” from their Magreenery album, which is another synthesizer based song that initially makes the crowd want to wiggle, but then changes to a more rapid pace about two thirds of the way through and moves to a more cosmic feel.  Papadosio played “Snorkle” from the album Observations as their final song.  A crowd dancing favorite, the waves of sound echoing throughout the venue and surging through the crowd in an epic groove.  Members of the audience stared at the musicians in awe as the essence of their musical talent oozed through the airwaves.  “Snorkle” was the perfect instrumental song to close out this impressive musical run from two ambitious and endowed bands.  Upon completing their final song, each band member threw their copy of the set-list into the audience and I was lucky enough to catch the bassist’s copy.


            What an enchanting and magical night of music!  As a whole, the audience was full of amazing vibes and open minds.  There are several painters that have been following both Papadosio and Dopapod on tour, deriving inspiration from the musical genius set before them.  This gathering of progressive beings displayed their understanding of the message that underlies the music throughout their interactions with the staff and others in the crowd.  The music of Dopapod and Papadosio has evidently made quite an impression upon their aficionados.  Dopapod is currently embarking on its’ Winter Tour and the next time they will be performing in Philadelphia is on February 23, 2013 at the Blockley.  They will also be making an appearance at the Highline Ballroom with Kung Fu on February 21, 2013 in New York City.  You can also check out Papadosio’s Future Forest Tour, as they will be playing at the Blockley in Philadelphia on April 20, 2013.

Review by Rebecca Wolfe

Photography by Rebecca Wolfe

Rage on! EOTO at the Highline Ballroom; the Technique

EOTO took the Lotus Stage by storm and thrilled fans at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on November 23, 2012 as they presented The Lotus Experience on their fall Bass Invaders Tour.  The Lotus is a flower that symbolizes beauty, majesty, grace, and knowledge, all of which are embodied by the music of EOTO.  In this side project, Jason Hann and Michael Travis, both of whom are percussionists in The String Cheese Incident, display their love for electronica by creating an electric jam dance infusion.

This epic electronic collaboration began back in 2006 and since then has been electrifying crowds with electronic instrumental dance sets that regularly ignite a groovy dance party.   EOTO has already performed over 700 live shows in 48 states, with each show having its own distinctive flavor.  Theory behind the name EOTO eludes that it may have originally played acronym for End of Time Observatory, and through the progression of time has blurred into the pronunciation EeeeOhToe, explained by some Japanese fans to mean “good sound”.

EOTO definitely has a good, perhaps even exceptional, sound.  Their live performances include the use of instruments such as drums, guitars, basses, and keyboards, which, together with accompanying vocals are recorded and mixed, and then even remixed, on the spot!   EOTO’s music entails a live improvisation that creates a unique epic jam electronic dance experience for each show.  Fans are able to relive each show over and over again by downloading/listening to the recorded set of their show.  With Jason Hann on the drum kit, percussions and sampler and Michael Travis in charge of the tonal elements, playing the electric guitar, electric bass, keyboards and sampler, this dynamic duo generates a deep rhythmic groove that other electronic artists strive to create.

Jason Hann has been playing professionally since he was only 12 years old.  Jason’s father was a musician and he exposed Jason to rhythms from all parts of the globe, allowing him to experience international music at a very early age.  Jason has studied in several countries outside the U,S., including Mali, Ghana, Haiti and Korea.  He is an extremely dynamic artist who has performed internationally and in many different genres of music, including rock, R&B, pop, hip-hop/rap, jazz, Latin, Latin-jazz, flamenco, African, Persian, electronica, techno, Brazilian, Indian and other fusions of the world.  He has his own solo electronica side project with all percussion recordings, and enjoys helping his fellow band members (from String Cheese Incident) with their respective side projects.  A few of the artists Hann has collaborated with include Youssou N’Dour, Keller Williams, Ricki Lee Jones and Dr. Dre.

Michael Travis is best known for his jam-rock drumming in the String Cheese Incident, where he often plays the hand drums and the drum kit simultaneously.  However, Travis takes a very different position in EOTO, handing over the rhythmic elements to Hann so that he can try his hand at the electric bass, electric guitar, keyboards, and samplers, in addition to his EOTO mini kit.  EOTO has given Travis the chance to prove himself as an extremely versatile and talented musician.  He has collaborated with artists such as Keller Williams, Karl Denson, Steve Kimock, Warren Haynes and Bela Fleck.

The first show that EOTO ever performed was at Sonic Bloom in 2006.  Their studio albums includeElephants Only Talk Occasionally (2006), Razed (2008) and Fire the Lazers!!! (2009).  They occasionally perform their music in Apple Stores in order to demonstrate how they produce their music in concerts.  What really makes EOTO a pioneer in electronic music is the technique they use when performing their music.  Since their music consists entirely of spontaneous composition, they use quite a bit of complex equipment, and the quality fot heir sound is quite reliant on their effects unit.  The looper pedal, or “phrase looper” plays an important part in their live musical composition.  This pedal allows the performer to record, and then later replay, a phrase or passage from a song.  These loops are created right on the spot during EOTO’s shows and are mixed and remixed several times throughout the night.  Travis is in charge of looping the keyboards, bass, guitar, and vocals through his laptop, while Hann handles the vocals and electronic percussion.  Both of the musicians’ laptops are midi looped together through an ethernet network hub, allowing for easy collaboration.  Travis also has a second laptop setup runningReason that contains keyboard and bass sounds that he programs himself.

EOTO uses Ableton Live as their primary software for looping; it’s installed on both Travis’ and Hann’s laptops.  The specific equipment used by Jason Hann is a Jazz Mutant Lemur Multi Touch pad, 2 Apple iPads, a Motu Ultra Lite, Netgear Ethernet hub, Paiste Cymbals, Spaun LED Drums, a Spaun LED 8” popcorn Snare, a Toca Djembe and Telefunken Microphones.  Michael Travis gears up with his 2 MacBook Pro computers (one running Ableton and the other running Reason), 2 Behringer BCR 2000 MIDI controllers, a Roland Gaia keyboard, a Nord lead keyboard, a Korg MS 2000 keyboard, a Korg Kaossilato, a 5 string P Bass, a Les Paul Custom Guitar, a ONYX 12 Channel mixing board, and a Behringer Xenyx 502 mixing board.

Personally, I think that one of the coolest aspects of this performance was the ambiance given off by EOTO’s video-I would recommend that every fan of electronica see this band perform live, as it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and no show is ever the same!  The next time EOTO will be performing on the East Coast is on Friday, February 1, 2013 at the Higher Ground Ballroom in Burlington, VT.mapped Lotus Stage.  This is a fully interactive 3-D mapped stage with video crews filming the show.

The set performed November 23rd on the Lotus Stage was one of the best performances by EOTO that I have ever seen.  I first discovered this gem of a band on September 7, 2012 in Hancock, NY at the music festival Catskill Chill.  After experiencing the wild dance party they inspired at the festival, I knew this band was something special and I had to see them again.  I didn’t think it could get any better than that first time, but EOTO took me by surprise and far surpassed their amazing performance at Catskill Chill, showing that they have further refined their sound.

Band Profile by Rebecca Wolfe
Photos by Rebecca Wolfe

A fantastic review on Bassnectar @ the Wellmont Theatre Montclair, NJ on November 16, 2012 by Amanda Neff



Bassnectar live at the Wellmont Theatre Montclair, NJ 11/16/2012

Bassnectar is an artist who claims to do all that he can to set up the most ideal scenario for his fans  – aiming to create an environment to freely enjoy music, “wile out”, and meet not necessarily “like-minded” individuals but instead, an array of bass lovers from every end of the spectrum. He does this by personally choosing venues, encouraging expression via costume, glow toys, posters, art, and makeshift “rage poles”, and most importantly dropping the perfect  rager at the most appropriate time forcing the entire crowd to ooze in satisfaction and blow up in unanimity – “womping”, grinding, head banging, and booty shakin’ away.

This dedication was embodied in every form at his show at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ. The venue was spectacular! Entry was easy in that lines moved quickly, searches were light, and staff was…

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FOR THE LOVE OF FUNK: The Royal Family Ball Featuring Soulive and Lettuce

On Friday November 5, 2012, the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA, hosted The Royal Family Ball featuring Soulive and Lettuce.  In it’s earlier years the Theatre of Living Arts served as a movie house, often hosting a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror PictureShow.  This weekend, the modest TLA’s amazing acoustics complimented the rhythmic groove set forth by the bands, showcasing the electric bass and drums.

Both Soulive and Lettuce represent The Royal Family Records, bands that have an incredibly loyal fan base that vary in age and musical taste. The Royal Family Records following share a passion for getting funky and dancing all night long. These two bands inclusion of melody and harmony through their use of organ and horns make them unique in the realm of funk.  Soulive opened the concert and the crowd rose to their feet immediately.  They played a solid set up until Lettuce took the stage and opened with their original track “Let the funk flow”.  The audience was just as passionate about this groovy music as the bands were and the theatre buzzed with energy as everyoneboogied out.

Soulive was formed in 1999 and after 13 years of funkifying audiences, this band has grown into one of the most sought after soul funk trios.  The trio consists of the Evans brothers, Alan Evans on the drums and Neal Evans on the Keyboard, and Eric Krasno on the guitar.  The music of this soulful group has been compared to the funk of the 60’s.  The three were joined on stage by soul vocalist Nigel Hall, who infused the audience with a passion few lead vocalists, can instill.

The Beatles influence on Soulive is palpable through their 2010 album Rubber Soulive, an 11 track instrumental hosting their own funk versions of the Beatles classics.  At the beginning of the show, Soulive played their funk version of “Eleanor Rigby”, an upbeat and beloved song that the band’s densely instrumental take on which was hypnotizing! The fast tempo infused with a heavy bass groove combined the elements of jazz and funk.  They also played “Tuesday Night’s Squad”, one of the crowd’s favorites along with “Lenny”, a Stevie Ray Vaughn song they often cover.  Soulive played songs from their latest four-track EP, Spark! This album is more about the jamming than the actual song, showcasing all of the artists’ musical talents.  Featuring saxophonist, Karl DensonSpark!elicits a jazzier feel than their previous albums.

Next Lettuce took the stage, the modern day rulers of old school funk.  The band consists of Adam Deitch on the drums, Eric Coomes on bass, Eric Krasno on guitar, Adam Smirnoff on the six string guitar, Neal Evans on keyboard, Ryan Zoldis on saxophone, Rashawn Ross on trumpet, Brian Thomas, Chochemea Gastelum on horns and Nigel Hall as lead vocalist.  Lettuce is leading funk in a new direction.  Lettuce recently released their third studio album titled Fly, which incorporates hip-hop and heavy bass, drawing on styles tracing back to the early 60s to 80s.  Lettuce’s gritty funk smacked the crowd, setting off a crazy dance party of rhythmic groove.

Throughout the night, minds were shattered by incredible guitar solos, infectious saxophone, unbelievably soulful vocals, rich beats, and torrential bass.  Lettuce and the fervent crowd really “let the funk flow” as exclaimed by Eric Coomes earlier in the night.  The band closed the night with some James Brown, the audience was getting down to that funk until the very end of the concert.  One could not have asked for a better funk dance party!  The crowd left revitalized from the soulful musical journey of the night.

Catch Lettuce at the Brooklyn Bowl on December 13! Tickets can be purchased here.

Review by Rebecca Wolfe

Photography by Amanda Neff

Peace to the World! Papadosio @ City Bisco

With the sun still lurking in the sky, Papadosio took the stage at City Bisco ready to enlighten and astound viewers with their unique sound and inject the crowd with peace and love. Papadosio’s set was one of the highlights of City Bisco, a fall festival hosted by the Disco Biscuits at The Mann Center in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, October 6, 2012.  Not only was theMann Center a phenomenal venue for this festival, the acoustics of the main stage nurtured the electronic jam music that the band adeptly fed to the audience.  Papadosio’s performance at City Bisco was exceptional to say the least, being the twenty-first stop on their T.E.T.I.O.S. album release tour. To their audience of over 3,000 people, Papadosio shared their desire to create a better world while performing with seasoned skill.

Papadosio was formed in Athens, Ohio in 2006, and since then has been steadily rising to the forefront of the live electronica music scene.  The band consists of five extremely talented artists, including Tony Thogmartin on the guitar, samples, synthesizer and vocals, Billy Brouse on the keyboard, synthesizer and vocals, Sam Brouse on the keyboard, Michael Healy on the acoustic/electronic drums, and Rob McConnell on the bass guitar and vocals.  Papadosio’s music defies the boundaries of specific genres, aiming to create a conscious, mind opening form of dance music that encourages fans to help wake the world, stir the heart and fuel the mind.  Their first album, Magreenery, was released in September 2007, followed by their EP By the Light of the Stars in July 2008, Observations in October 2009, and their newest album currently touring T.E.T.I.O.S., To End the Illusion of Separation, which will be released on October 16 of this year.  Papadosio’s intense vocal harmonies, improvisational interludes, and the creative manner in which the synthesizer was integrated into the music, earned the band a review as a definite highlight at City Bisco.  The message of Papadosio’s set boasted of a higher calling, unity and universal understanding; a perfect remedy for the tension of the election season.

Papadosio opened their set on this mystical night with the song “Method of Control” from their newest album T.E.T.I.O.S.  The first song flowed seamlessly into “Smile and Nod” off their album Observations.  This upbeat tune was a great example of the band’s strong vocals and their knack for harmonizing. The next song on their set list was “By the Light of the Stars” from their EP By the Light of the Stars.  This song had a more relaxed, mellow pace with heavy use of the synthesizer.  Next came “Find Your Cloud”, another song from their newest, but yet to be released album, T.E.T.I.O.S.  This song continued the mellow pace set by the one prior, but acted more as a compilation that could showcase each of the individual artist’s talents.  Soft enough that you could hear each instrument on it’s own.  This song discusses the importance of dreams and finding your own cloud in this world.

The band picked up the pace with “Advocate of Change” and brought out a more electronic feel highly influenced by the synthesizer.  This song exemplifies Papadosio’s ability to combine jam music with electronic, but without lyrics, so as not to distract from their jam and improvisation.  The band switched up the mood a bit with their next song, knowing that it was about time  everyone got down with their funky selves and set out the groovy tune Geoglyph.  At this point, everyone was dancing, heads bopping and bodies grooving to the beat.  Papadosio closed this epic set with “All I Knew” from their album Observations. This final song showcased Tony’s vocals and relayed to the audience the band’s infinite message of peace and the lack of ego in the path of love and coexistence.  Evil isn’t born, it’s taught, and we must strive to end prejudice and violence by spreading the love amongst our fellow companions.

Being an extremely diverse band that creates so many different sounds, Papadosio will not allow itself to fall under any specific music genre.  This helps to support the message that the band is sending through its music, especially with soon to be released album T.E.T.I.O.S.  Papadosio has dedicated this album to the future, in which mankind is moving away from being caught in this illusion of separation and moving towards unity.  This is, in a way, is the band’s effort to ignite progress towards the beautiful, peaceful, world that we all know is possible to create.  Although such a state of nirvana may be a distant future, T.E.T.I.O.S stands as a collective art representation of this possibility with each track featuring a unique piece of art crafted specifically for the song.  Papadosio will be making another stop on their T.E.T.I.O.S. tour in Philadelphia to celebrate New Years Eve in collaboration with Dopapod at the Trocadero on December 30, 2012.

Review by Rebecca Wolfe

The Vibes!

The great philosopher Plato once said, “Music is a moral law.  It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”  I live, breath, and dream music.  Unfortunately, at this moment I am not able to compose music on my own, but I endow a great appreciation for this auditory art that leads me to travel all over the world.  If money were inconsequential I would spend my days traveling to catch the concerts of all of my favorite bands, however I can only keep this as a hobby at this time.

I have created this blog to share the grand experiences of the musical adventures embarked on by myself and da crew.  This site also serves to give these amazing artists the recognition and praise they deserve.  I am currently writing live reviews and doing photography for the website Lifestyleetc.com, you can check out my published reviews, articles and photography on that site as well as on their Facebook page under the name Rebecca Wolfe.

Here are some articles & photography that you can check out on the LifeStyleEtc website (I will also post them as blogs):

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